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   Connection Issues. Crowing20 hours 36 minutes ago
   February Cash Event [CLOSED] RoXFebruary 2nd 2:08pm
   Game Punishment List (228) RoXJanuary 29th 2:00am
   Vampire Purchase Closed RoXJanuary 27th 2:32pm
   Nostalgia Client ZilchJanuary 21st 1:57am
   Season Rank is Back! CrowingJanuary 18th 12:20am
   Update [2015/01/14] ZilchJanuary 15th 4:44am
   Update [2015/01/12] RoXJanuary 12th 2:36am
   Avatar Shop Update [2015/01/5] RoXJanuary 5th 12:43am

Event Announcements
   Valentine Weekend [DONE] RoXFebruary 14th 9:10am
   Event Marathon 1/30 (done) AstroScopusFebruary 2nd 7:13am
   [Facebook Event] Banner Contest![Done] IncursioDecember 30th 4:51am
   Christmas Card [Done] CrowingDecember 23rd 9:29pm
   x2 GP Weekend !! 12th - 14th [DONE] RoXDecember 10th 4:05pm
   In-Game Events! [Done] CrowingNovember 21st 1:00am

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   Por favor no confundirse. -Seexmachine8 hours 56 minutes ago
   aun no hay server preguntoo.. AleeVIP12 hours 58 minutes ago
   DDoS attack R0X_MeLaPela13 hours 10 minutes ago
   I can not enter the metropolis region kakashibro17 hours 14 minutes ago
   Event points. hLn18 hours 7 minutes ago
   Problem with Alt+Tab. hLn19 hours 29 minutes ago

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