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   Server Update 2016/5/28 RoXYesterday, 1:49pm
   Updated OS X Client (El Cap Compatible) Eng/Esp/Pt WailordMay 5th 12:55am
   Update: Ticket Center WailordApril 12th 8:48pm
   Fixed Games Reminder AstroScopusMarch 23rd 3:26pm
   Game Bug Abuse (UPDATE) RoXJanuary 22nd 9:36pm
   Both Clients Working RoXJanuary 10th 7:54pm
   Country Flag Glitch WailordJanuary 4th 10:26am
   Ticket Center is Up Again ! PinkiePieDecember 12th 10:28am
   Live Chat / Forums RoXOctober 12th 10:21pm

Event Announcements
   Evento: Peru vs Venezuela NaturedMarch 23rd 11:08pm
   Halloween Event 2015 (Oct 17th - Nov 30th) RoXOctober 17th 10:49am
   x2 GP/Gold, Sep 20th RoXSeptember 20th 9:54am
   x2 GP/Gold Weekend [DONE] RoXJuly 25th 8:29am
   Cash Event [DONE] RoXJune 15th 12:25am
   MiniEvent [DONE] RoXMay 1st, 2015

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   Siempre es bueno leer la biblia! JairAaron-8 hours 8 minutes ago
   Pregunta a: Rox, Dramamine y Natured -PeTerPaN22 hours 36 minutes ago
   GunBound Thor's Hammer Montage - Requiem NatsuYesterday, 10:24pm
   unable to load servers tambaymunaYesterday, 8:53pm
   Server Maintenance RoXYesterday, 1:36pm
   ayuda porfavor manuYesterday, 6:00am

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