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Show in-game options.


Use an item while playing a game.


In Tag matches, switch to your alternate mobile.


Skip your turn.


Toggle between team chat and room chat during a match.


Open the Buddy List.


Take a screenshot, saved in the GunBound directory in Windows.


Switch weapons between Shot 1, Shot 2, and SS Shot, the latter being the most powerful.


Open the chat window, also to send your chat message to the room.


In Slice Mode, use the Space Bar to shoot your weapon.


Move your character to the left.


Move your character to the right.


Move your angle up during a match.


Move your angle down during a match.

  General Left Click, and you can use this to shoot when in Drag Mode instead of Space Bar in Slice Mode.

Right Click and hold during a match to pan around the screen.


Login ID This is the ID you use to login to the game. Please keep this secure and private to yourself.
Your Login ID cannot be changed.
  Game ID This is the ID other users will refer to you as in-game. Your Game ID masks your Login ID, to help secure your account. You can change your Game ID at the cost of 10,000 Gold, and only once every 7 days (to prevent abuse).  
  Gold This is your in-game currency, used to purchase Avatars to better your equipment. You can also use Gold to change your Game ID, and to create a Guild.  
  Cash Cash is alternate in-game currency that you can purchase with real-world funds, however this feature is currently disabled.  
  GP GP stands for "Game Points", also known as experience points in many other games. GP is what you earn to rank up and show off your in-game clout.  
  Avatar item Avatar items are also known as equipment. Some avatar items can also increase your stats. You can purchase Avatar items with either Cash, Gold, or both.
  Game Item Game Items are used during battle, are free to use, and can be refilled between matches. An example of a Game Item is the very popular "Dual Shot".  
  Mobile Mobiles are the tanks that your character rides. Examples of a Mobile include Boomer, or Trico.
  Launcher The Launcher is the program that loads right before you log into GunBound. The Launcher is also responsible for ensuring your game client is up-to-date. Sometimes, important information is shown on the Launcher window, too, such as maintenance notices.
  E-mail Verification To ensure the integrity of our user database, we ask that all users verify their e-mail address upon registering for the game. Users who remain unverified will eventually be deleted.
  Security Level Setting a Security Level on your account may prevent damage to your account if it were ever compromised. The higher the level, the more secure your account, however be wary that you may need to re-verify your email several times if your IP address is dynamic.
  Rank Ranks are the little pictures you see next to each user's Game ID, which shows how long they've played GunBound for, which effectively gives them clout. An example of a rank is Ruby Wand, which is a very high rank, they are most likely exceptionally good at playing GunBound.
  Total Ranking Not to be confused with Rank, your Total Ranking is your ladder position in GunBound. To see your own Total Rank, select "My GunBound > Show Stats".
  VIP User Any user who has charged Cash in the last 30 days is considered a VIP user, and their Game ID will be shown in Orange on the website, and are given special privilages.
  Guild Some users are friends, and want to represent themselves as a group. Creating or joining a guild can showcase that you belong with a group of other users. Some users enjoy guild matches, which are matches between two guilds.
  Buddy List Our in-game messenger, where you can add other users. You will be able to see if other users are online, and if they are, where they are in the game. You can also message the users directly, too.
  Avatar Shop This is where you go to purchase Avatars to equip and strengthen your character, using Gold or Cash.
  Abusing Unfortunately, some users may be punished for abusing our game. We asked that all users adhere to our Game Rules & Policies, which you can find in "Help > Game Rules & Policies".
  Bans If you break our Game Rules & Policies, you may find that we have placed a ban on your account. Bans can either be temporary, or in the most severe of cases, permanent.
  Grand Prix Grand Prix is our way of hosting an official online GunBound Tournament. Grand Prix is not always active, so keep your eyes peeled on the Event board.

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