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Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 Installation Files
  Gunbound Retro Closed Beta (V.7)
Win 7/8/10: GunBoundWC_R_7.msi (153.2 MB) - Windows XP x86: GunBoundWC_R_6_WinXP_x86.msi (151.3 MB)
Last updated date: 07/13/2021 01:43 (EST)
Please click the button below to download the beta version of GunBound game and follow the instruction provided.

  Please note: The Windows 7/8/10 version runs in Windowed mode using dxwnd. Windows 7 users can safely delete the files in the directory to run full screen, however Windows 8/10 users must retain for playability due to changes made to Windows. Research for optimum full screen settings is still being done for Windows 8/10 users. Thank you for your patience. The Windows XP version does not include dxwnd, so it runs at full screen automatically. Windows Vista is not supported at this time.

macOS & Linux Install Guide
  macOS: To play on macOS (Both Intel and M1 chip variants), you must first install CrossOver from Codeweavers. Afterwards, simply install the Windows 7/8/10 version above into CrossOver. Codeweavers offers a free trial of CrossOver so you can try for yourself for free. CrossOver is a paid program.

Linux: Linux users must use WineHQ, and then install the Windows 7/8/10 installer above directly into WineHQ. WineHQ is a free program.

DirectX Download
  The DirectX version 8.0 or over must be installed on your computer to run GunBound game. If not, please click the
button below to download the program and follow the instruction provided.

Graphic Card Driver Download
  If GunBound does not run properly after installing the full version of Gunbound and the DirectX version 8.0 or over,
please click one of the buttons below to download the latest 3D Graphic Card Driver and follow the instruction provided.

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