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Title : Fixing Full Screen on Windows 10
Writer : Zilch Date : 2021-07-13 Count : 938
Hi everyone,

A patch has been made today to the game client, that will give everyone more flexibility on graphic options available.

When starting up GunBound, before logging in, click on "Option". You will be presented with a new window titled "GunBoundWC Retro Graphics Options". Here are all of your options (what you see might be labeled differently, but the results are the same):

- Option 1: None (Best for Windows XP and Windows 7)
- Option 2: Stretched Screen (Most reliable to work, but can cause lag)
- Option 3: Windowed Mode (Very stable, but runs in a small 800x600 window)
- Option 4: Windows 10 Full Screen Fix (Ensure Nvidia Gsync is OFF first)

The last option, Option 4 in particular, should allow Windows 10 users to minimize and alt+tab GunBound without it turning into a garbled mess.

Please let us know what your results are, and which option you personally prefer below.

    Einlanzer For option 4, I receive the following: Message Code: 310, No 3D video card found or low driver version. Please try again after installing the latest video driver. I have the latest drivers and other options work. I do not have G Sync option on my Nvidia. Does anyone else has this problem for option 4?(2021-07-13)  
    Zilch @Einlanzer: Uninstall GB, download the new full installer, install it to C:\\GunBoundR\\ and try again. (2021-07-13)  
    Einlanzer I did as requested, but the error still show up. After clicking the error message, this link pops out: http://gunbound.softnyx.net/03_how/01_download.asp(2021-07-13)  
    Kubeintosh @Einlanzer - Right click Gunbound ICon > Properties > Compatability > Tick 'Run this program in Compatability mode for..' and from the drop down menu select Windows 7. > Apply. This should solve your issue. Also: Ensure your running the game with admin privileges. (2021-07-13)  
    Einlanzer I have tried all the above (even tried all different compatibility) and it still doesn't work. To be sure, I even tried on a different laptop and error still shows for option 4.(2021-07-14)  
    Kubeintosh Einlanzer, could you please join the Discord for quicker means of help. Have you tried Option 1 Vanilla at all? With the Compatibility settings as above.(2021-07-14)  
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