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Title : The unfairness of only having Dual and/or Dual+ items
Writer : Lincoln Date : 2021-08-06 Count : 3192
There is an unfairness when games only allow Dual and/or Dual+. Not all bot-shot types are strictly for damage. Noob Truck shots and Raon shot 1, for example, are good for bunge-ing, not so much for damage. By not allowing items which are not really meant for high damage bots, (ex. Shovel), games are not fair for dirt digging bots.

All all or almost all items, please.
    Kimmy Welcome to GunBound. If you are lucky you will also find rooms in future where you are not even allowed to use shot 1 or F8 without being kicked.(2021-08-06)  
    Lincoln I meant to say "Allow all or almost all items, please." sorry for the typo(2021-08-06)  
    Mallory alot of games i have ran into allow all items, fact most seems to like to mess around and use all items, well thats been my luck and maybe time of play could be diffrerent.(2021-08-06)  
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