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Title : POSSIBLE arrival of Latino users
Writer : iDomusPrime Date : 2022-10-06 Count : 1660
Some of them, on other servers have felt cheated, as some made cash reloads, and administrators gave them certain benefits. But in the shortest time those servers closed their portal.
I told you clearly that does not exist in GunBound Retro.
that here there is no cash recharge, I have even told you that in the future the cash system will be suppressed so that everything is for sale Gold.

Under these communiqués, they have hopes for your service.
I told them that the game activity is at night... but if they meet friends the schedule does not matter.

Informed for all, sincerely:

Kyha/ iDomusPrime
    iDomusPrime They are users who play gunbound in their territories, but the administrations of those servers end up closing, dissolving as a community, they want a place that does not close. In that search for an ideal server, I invited a Latino user. I told them that GunBound Retro has 2 years in service as a beta mode, and that what they see inside your server is what there is.(2022-10-06)  
    iDomusPrime have informed them that you are the game master, and you have the power to make minimal changes within the game, preserving the retro essence.(2022-10-06)  
    iDomusPrime They are accustomed, (by the standard of other servers), to earning twice the GP per game, which is currently assigned. Can this be possible permanently in retro gunbound?--(2022-10-06)  
    iDomusPrime I know that during some weekends you assigned twice the GP, (as an event concept to dare new users, or motivate games) but then you returned the GPs to normal base.--(2022-10-06)  
    Zilch while it's technically possible, it wouldn't work very well with future events as you cannot really go beyond 2x GP without crashing the game most of the time.(2022-10-06)  
    Zilch and yes, there will never be cash incentives on gunbound retro, ever.(2022-10-06)  
    iDomusPrime As for the crashing of the game, it usually happens because the mp3 has different bitrates. It would be enough if all the mp3 files are 96.0 kb/s--(2022-10-06)  
    iDomusPrime Some interpret that crashing between games, for allegedly "shoot or give enter very fast, at the end of the game" (2022-10-06)  
    iDomusPrime but this is a conflict of going out to play an mp3 with high bitrate, and back to the Ready.mp3.. which has another bitrate.--(2022-10-06)  
    iDomusPrime By the way, have as a team, planned an event for this Halloween season? (I could contribute with instrumental music to set)-(2022-10-06)  
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