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softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
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Title : Planned Server Open Date: May 22, 2021
Writer : Zilch Date : 2021-04-28 Count : 3900
Hi everyone,

As the date gets closer, I believe I can now give a definitive server open date for Closed Beta:

> May 22, 2021

Things have been mostly going smoothly! Also, the amount of interest in the server has really skyrocketed. We currently have 811 users signed up for the closed beta, which is crazy!

Small FAQ:
Q: What version will the server be?
A: GunBound World Champion, for now. We won't always be stuck on one version.

Q: Can I cash charge?
A: No. All items will be gold-only

Q: Can I donate to support the project?
A: No thanks, we're good, but we appreciate the support.

Q: Where is the money coming from to support the running of the server?
A: Me, lol.

Q: Can I be a GM?
A: At the moment, we are not recruiting any staff.

Q: Who all is on the GunBound staff?
A: Just me at the moment.

Q: Will there be an Avatar Off server?
A: Of course. Avatar off is vastly popular in GunBound, so it only makes sense.

Q: How can I best contact you privately?
A: [email protected], or you can DM me on Discord from the official Discord Server

Q: Will GunBound work on macOS?
A: We will not be providing a dedicated macOS installer, because as of macOS 11.2 and later, macOS only supports 64-bit apps, which GunBound is not. If you have an Intel-based Mac, I would recommend dual-booting Windows to play for the best support, however you can also use WineBottler or CrossOver to play GunBound natively on macOS, and of course you can always use virtualization software such as Parallels, Virtual Box, or VMWare to play GunBound, which I would recommend you use Windows 7. For Apple Silicon Macs (M1 chip), CrossOver and Parallels with the Windows 10 Technical Preview for ARM will be your only two options.

That be all for now.

    Zilch And don't worry Mac users; I hear you. I'll eventually have a proper guide up under "How To Play" for anyone who has a Mac. Trust me, I use a MacBook Pro as my main computer, too ;)(2021-04-28)  
    LaLeY Let's go! (╯ ͡๑ ͜ʖ ͡๑)╯┻━┻(2021-04-28)  
    Fubz (╯ ͡๑ ͜ʖ ͡๑)╯┻━┻(2021-04-28)  
    Zilch why flip table? D:(2021-04-28)  
    Cash ---.---.---- ---(๑ ͜< ͡๑----) there ya go 👍(2021-04-28)  
    LaLeY lol just pure excitement ლ( ͡◔ ͜ʖ ͡◔)ლ(2021-04-28)  
    overkill So excited for this. I miss this game!(2021-04-28)  
    SineMissione Please choose me!(2021-04-29)  
    flamenco1991 So there would be no TH interface, thanks Zilch anyway(2021-04-29)  
    Hitsugaia Oh my god why haven't i heard of this earlier?! i absolutely love this game and will be waiting with hope for it's future :)(2021-04-29)  
    MooGoesCow we vibing with gunbound in 2021(2021-04-30)  
    mikey Why no cash charge option for avatar? I want you to take my money.(2021-04-30)  
    ixLz GunBound World Champion, for now. We won't always be stuck on one version!! No, Please!! (2021-04-30)  
    touchmate200 I used to love this game back in the day, it was literally my childhood lol. I would love to be involved as much as possible. (2021-05-01)  
    touchmate200 Also i tried joining the discord server but it says that the invite has expired :((2021-05-01)  
    Zilch Try this discord link: https://discord.gg/9YU4FfNjfZ(2021-05-02)  
    Joseale33 IF ONLY MAY 22 CAN COME FASTER!! Im so excited to play i really cant wait :D Love you zilch for the hard work <3(2021-05-02)  
    Void what a great birthday present this year ;v; gb beta!(2021-05-04)  
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