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  There are 6 item slots for the game GunBound mobile and each items takes up 1 or 2 slots.
Players use 1-slot-weak-items or 2-slot-strong-items to fill all 6 slots to make various mixtures of items


  1. Attack Item

[ Slot-use 2    Delay 650    Does not give up turns ]
Using this item causes the selected weapon to fire twice.
Despite its long delay, it can cause incredible damage.
[ Slot-use 2    Delay 550    Does not give up turns ]
With shorter delay than dual, this allows you to fires two consecutive
shots that alternate between secondary and primary, or vice versa.
[ Slot-use 1    Delay 000    Does not give up turns ]
By sacraficing 8% of the user's energy,
33% more damage is added to the selected attack.
    Power up
[ Slot-use 1    Delay 800    Does not give up turns ]
Grants an additionan 33% damage boost.
Its delay is shorter than that of Dual's.
    Bunge shot
[ Slot-use 1    Delay 500    Does not give up turns ]
It grants 25% more damage on ground and buries the enemy.
While it has a short delay, excessive use will slow the user down.
[ Slot-use 2    Delay 100    Does not give up turns ]
Causes a lightning bolt to strike where the selected attack lands. Useful against large groups, or against enemies that are weak to electricity.

2. Defensive item

[ Slot-use 1    Delay 500    Does not give up turns ]
Recovers slight amount of energy. Biological mobile can gain an additional 5%.
[ Slot-use 2    Delay 200    Does not give up turns ]
Recovers 25% of the user's energy. Biological mobile gain an additional 5%.

3. Weather items

    Changing wind
[ Slot-use 1    Delay 100     Does not give up turns ]
Reverses wind direction. Due to its long delay,
the decision to use it may not always be the wisest choice.

4. Interruption Items

      Coming soon    

5. Other items

[ Slot-use 2     Delay 500    Give up turns ]
Switch places with the teammate who has the lowest energy.
Although it takes a turn to use, the delay is very short.
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