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  Game Masters log into the game for the purpose of play testing, verifying problems that may exist, and are not authorized to provide special privilages to any user.  
  Our Game Masters will act in accordance to our Game Policies & Rules, including giving out suspensions or bans if necessary.  
  The Game Masters will not participate in regular game play via their GM account, however the GM may give out warnings, close game rooms, ban or suspend accounts, or ask a user to perform specific actions. If the user does not carry out the requests of a GM, they may have their account restricted.  
  We don't always get it right, but we will always do what we can to make the fairest, soundest judgement in consideration of the law, policies, and common sense, when it comes to taking action against a user, even if the action we have to take isn't exactly clear in our policies.  
  We only accept inquiries via Mail Q&A. All Game Master and User interactions must be logged, therefore we cannot consult via messenger, phone, or any other form of communications outside of any system we control.  
  Game Masters will try to answer all questions users have about GunBound, based fully on the 5th clause.  
  Game Masters will not give out personal user information to anyone who asks, unless required by law. We believe that privacy is a fundamental right.  
  Our Game Masters will not alter any user account's personal information, unless it's due to a critical nature or situation.  
  Game Masters will not give benefits to any user, unless that user has done an action that greatly benefits our server (and not the Game Master personally).  
  We will always do our best to provide the highest quality of service to our users. We operate based on evidence and facts, to make a fair judgement.  
  Even if it's not explicity listed in our game rules, Game Masters can take initiative and determine wither or not in a fair manner if a user should have their account restricted.  
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