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01.     Hacked Item Recovery Policy
      Users must report Item Hacking within 15 days of the hacked date to Customer Care -> Mail Q&A -> Someone Robbed My item(s). All items reported after 15 days will not be recovered.
Also users who do not take care of their accounts properly and get hacked more than once within 15 days, will only be able to recover item for one hacking case. This means you can only report one hacking case for a period of 15 days. Once an item is recovered, the users account is banned from sending gifts for a certain period to protect the users account from further hacking. Items hacked on the same day can be reported one by one but will be treated as one hacking case.

1. Item recovery policy for users with no gift restriction
    1) Items gifted to other accounts will be recovered. If items were bought and gifted on the same date,
        gold/cash is refunded after subtracting the amount of days the avatar has been used.
        Example. You have been recovered an avatar item that has been used for 4 days.
        The amount you receive will be : Original price - 4 day rental price = refund amount
        IP’s activity on the date of the hack is analyzed and the hacker is banned according to our
        ‘Violation & Rules’.
    2) Items sold by the hacker is only recovered for our cash users. To recover sold items, we take away
        the money you received for selling the item and recover the item back into your account.
        However if you do not have enough gold/cash, we will need to refund your latest purchase to
        recover the hacked item.
    3) Items deleted by the hacker will be restored and the “delete” record is erased.

2. Item recovery policy for users with gift restriction
    1) Gifted item is deleted from the receiver, but is not recovered back to your account.
    2) Items sold buy the hacker will not be recovered. Record of the item sold is erased.
    3) Items deleted by the hacker are restored and the delete record is erased.
02.     ID hacking and how real owner is determined
      Users who’s ID has been hacked must report within 30 days to Customer Care -> Mail Q&A -> Someone Robbed My ID.

Users must be above the wooden axe rank with a game play record, so that we can compare the IP and find the real owner. The original owner is determined by information such as knowledge on any past e-mail address changes, previous changes made to the account (game id, e-mail address, etc), date of birth and so on. Birthdays cannot be changed and therefore is important evidence in determining the real owner.

Cash users can prove their identity with information such as transaction id’s, approval number, prepaid card number etc so please keep a record of all payment history.
03.     How to prevent Hack  
      If you enjoy downloading files over the net, you must check for viruses and spywares on your system. It is essential to check your computer frequently with virus/ spyware scans. Please protect your home PC from the harmful programs. Never receive a file from people you don't know. They are most likely to be viruses and spywares to ruin your computer. If you did receive these files, never open them. Delete these files immediately and run a virus scan just in case.

Do not use same password for Gunbound account and registered email account. Change your password periodically. This can be troublesome in some ways however; this will really help you prevent getting hacked.

If you IP does not change frequently or is a fixed IP, please change your security level to HIGH. This can block hackers who try to log into your account with your ID and Password from another computer.

Security level can be set as HIGH, MEDIUM so please set the level according to your needs. For users who’s IP changes frequently (ie. Dynamic IP, PC centers, etc) please set your security level to NONE.

Do not visit scam sites. They may seem like a normal Gunbound fan site but they are there to steal your account information. Never type in your account name and password. Their advertisement about giving your free items and gold are all lies! You will end up losing your avatars instead of gaining them.
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