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Category Punishable offense 1st 2nd 3rd
Spreading Rumors   Spread rumors about the game or the company   3-day Ban   15-day Ban   Permanent Ban
Impersonating Game Master   Impersonating our staff, or general fraud.   15-day Ban   Permanent Ban    
Inappropriate Game ID / Guild Name   Game ID or Guild Name that may offend other users will be punished in accordance to our policy.   Permanent Ban.        
Miss-use of the Free Board   Spamming, advertising, useless posts, attacking individuals, spreading rumors or other unacceptable behaviors are not to be tolerated (Such contents are to be deleted without any warning)
  3-day Ban   15-day Ban   Permanent Ban
(Faking Wins/Loss, Using third party program/ Using a bug in the system for one's self benefit)
  Spreading hack tools over the web that harm our game, server, or users.
  15-day Ban   Permanent Ban    
  Fixed Games / Botting
  3-day Ban

30% GP/Gold Reduction.
  7-day Ban

50% GP/Gold Reduction.
  No Ban

Account completely reset, all items deleted.
Misbehaviors   Launching personal attacks, swearing in
general (Inappropriate contents)
  3-day Ban   15-day Ban   Permanent Ban
Illegal Trading   Trading in general is discouraged at this
moment (Both real Cash or Avatar) Lost
items cannot be recovered
  15-day Ban   Permanent Ban    
ID hacking /
General Hacking
  Stealing another user's items and/or account.   120-day Ban   Permanent Ban    
Using hacking tools is strictly prohibited, the user will be permanently banned.

Punishments do eventually fall off your ban history over time.
Certain rules can be changed according to the situation.
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