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01.     Check whether you have installed DirectX version over 8.0
      You need DirectX 8.1 or higher version in order to run Gunbound without any trouble.
First you need to check to see if you have installed DirectX version over 8.0
02.     If your DirectX version is lower than 8.0
      If your DirectX version is lower than 8.0, game GunBound might not run correctly.
In this case go to Download in our homepage (Http://gunbound.net) and download the DirectX 8.1 according to the OS for your computer and install it.
03.     Checking what Graphic card you have and its version
      In order to play GunBound in the best condition provided, you should have graphic card with 3D accelerator. The game might not run if your graphic card doesn't support 3D video support. So when the game won't run, you should check what graphic card you have and check whether its version is the latest one.
To check what graphic card you have and its version, Go to "Control Panel " => "System" => Hardware => Tool Management => Display Adapter and you'll see what graphic card you have and if you double click on your graphic card, you'll see what version of driver you have.

<Picture 1 - confirming DirectX version>

Do [Start -> Run(R) -> dxdiag] just like picture 1 and you'll see the version of DirectX just like picture 2.

<Picture 2 - Checking DirectX version>

As you can see in the picture above you can check the version of DirectX in your system. If you confirm that your DirectX version is lower than 8.0 choose to download the DirectX8.1 for your OS.
04.     Checking 3D accelerator support of your graphic card.
      To play GunBound you need 3D accelerator supporting graphic card. Even if it does support 3D acceleration wrong driver or old version of your graphic card might result in not being able to run GunBound correctly. So you should check whether your graphic card supports 3D accelerator first.

How to check : Go to start and in your Run Menu you type in dxdiag and you'll see [DirectX Detect Tool]. Here you click [Display] and you'll see whether it supports DirectX accelerator function. If it says it doesn't support Direct 3D accelerator you are likely to be using old version of graphic card driver. So you should download the latest driver of your graphic card and reboot to run game.

Even when your installed latest driver and still says that it can't use Direct3D accelerator, your graphic card is likely to not support 3D accelerator function. In this case you should get graphic card that does support 3D accelerator function to enjoy the game. The entire graphic cards that are coming out in recent days do support 3D video card so you might want to look far ahead and buy one.

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