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softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
01.     Start Downloading full-version of GunBound in our homepage.  
02.     GunBound Download
      <Picture 1 - GunBound Download>

<Picture 2 - Specify place to store downloaded files>

<Picture 3 - Screen scene of GunBound download>

<Picture 4 - GunBound installation file on your screen>

Start installing game GunBound by executing installation file.

<Picture 5 - Installing game GunBound>

<Picture 6 - Installing GunBound>

<Picture 7 - Installing GunBound>

<Picture 8 - Installing GunBound>

<Picture 9 - GunBound installing done>

Installation has been finished.
You can see cute GunBound GameBuddy and icons on you screen.
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