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  Following the category, the mobiles use attacks that belong to their mobile branch.
There are: Explosive, hit, laser, and electronic type. To inflict more damage, you must carefully choose a mobile
that is stronger against each specific type. Explosive types don't have any special advantage over anything,
so it is widely used by players. They tend do well in every situations.

  Inflict damage on solid object by using direct attacks using various weapons.
This is somewhat of an old fashioned way to fight, but it does very well against shield weaponry. It ignores their
shield and inflicts full potential damage to them. Weak against mechanical mobiles because of their high defense.

Advantage : Strong against shield based mobiles, and adds 4% into its damage.

Weakness : It does very little damage on hard armored machineries. 4% damage decreased

Corresponding mobiles :

  Inherited from the Ancient techniques, laser has the ability to destroy the very core of an element.
Especially the biological mobiles suffer the most from these merciless weapons.
It cuts through the hardest skins, and leathery exo-skeletons to inflict amazing amount of damage. Shield is the
same technique used to develop the laser, which help protect those in need of protection.

Advantage : Destroys the hard leathery skins of biological mobiles from inside out. 4% damage increased.

Weakness : Shielded weapons disperse laser attacks and absorb the amount damage it takes.
                     4% of its potential damage is decreased.

Corresponding mobiles :

  Electricity attacks are derived from phenomenal, such as thunderstorm.
This attack was developed to inflict extra amount of damages to mechanical mobiles.
Electricity flows through their metallic armor, thus, giving more damage.
However, biological mobiles do not take the extra amount of damage

Advantage : Destroys metallic armor of mechanical mobiles and give extra 4% damage.

Weakness : Biological mobiles do not take much damage. 4% reduced damage.

Corresponding mobiles :

  Using the produced gun powders, it can develop strong explosive weapons.
Using its great fire power, it creates extensive heat and debris which inflict great amount of damage to its enemy.
Has no handicap over any armor type, so it is widely used by players.

Advantage : Deals same amount of damage to every type of armor.

Weakness : Has no handicap over anything.

Corresponding mobiles :
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