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softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
Important notices or events are posted by the GMs– note that GMs look like this on the Free Board: Admin. Anyone else claiming to be a GM without the Red Toy Hammer rank and red name should be reported for impersonating GunBound staff.

All official GunBound notices are posted anonymously, and only GMs can reply to Notices and Event topics.
No. Title Date Count
118 Server Update - 6/20 2021-06-20 371
3 [Beta] When GunBound Retro will launch 2020-10-10 19432
2 GDPR Compliance 2020-10-10 7306
1 Welcome to Gunbound Retro 2020-10-10 7972
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