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Title : Server Update - 6/20
Date : 2021-06-20 Count : 52035
Good evening pilots!

It's time to post an update as to what's up with the server! Many are dying to know what's happening.

Delays are not much longer.
Fortunately, as we figure things out, the delay of the server opening won't be much longer. Fortunately, the issue is more logistical than technical at this point, so once we overcome that, we will be launching the Closed Beta for the server.

What happened?
Weirdly, the day before, our VPS provider made the decision to shut the server down, right as everything was mostly up and ready to go, literally the day before May 26th. Not fun at all! This meant that we had to source a new VPS provider, get everything back up and set the way we had it previously, run some tests, change client file information, so on and so forth. And of course, due to the aforementioned logstical issues, that further delayed the opening of the server.

Do you have a new estimated date?
No solid date planned anymore at the moment, but the goal is to have it up within the next week or two.

This server was a passion project that started way back in October 2020, however only became public knowledge in March of 2021. We know we have a LOT of folks who are very much anticipating the launch of this server, and to be quite honest, we're super humbled by the amount of traction that this server has gained, where 99% of it was from word of mouth. We didn't think there'd be more than ~20 people interested, however we've gained nearly ~600 users in the official Discord, who are also a very patient group of users, as well as nearly ~1700 registered users, who are also very extremely patient.

We thank you a ton for that patience, things have not been easy, but we're continuing to seek through the fog of ambiguity, fight through the challenges of getting things up and running, and, well... planning something special for the lengthened delay.

Y'all have been awesome, even the ones who ask when we're opening. We get the frustrations, and the communication hasn't been exactly where we'd like it, and we'll be doing better on that.

With all that said, just a little bit longer, and once again thank you all so much for your patience, your support, and sorry for the confusion, lack of official communication, and inconvenience. We dropped the ball on this one, and we don't intend to do that very often.

The best way to stay up-to-date is through our Discord server, which you can find on the left-hand side of the page under Community & Chat.

See you on the flipside!

GunBound Retro Team
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