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softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
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Title : [Beta] When GunBound Retro will launch
Date : 2020-10-10 Count : 19426
Hello, this is the GunBound Retro Team,

The planned roadmap for GunBound Retro to open in closed beta is May 2021. While during this time, anyone may register an account, the game client cannot be downloaded.

How Closed Beta Will Work

Account Registration: The main website is open to register an unlimited number of accounts, therefore you will have the ability to reserve your username right away– you will keep this username for life. By registering an account, you may participate in our Free Board to talk and discuss with other us or other users, while we prepare to open for beta.

Who gets selected to join the closed beta: By registering for an account, we will send out periodic email blasts informing users that not only is the server up and operational, you will be granted the ability to login to the site and potentially win a beta slot to activate your account which allows you to play the game. We will be limiting the number of people who can activate their account, however we will periodically open more and more slots as time passes, until we decide that we are in open beta and activate all accounts. Anyone who has been successfully selected for a beta slot will have their username appear in orange on the Free Board.

How do I download the game?: The Download Page will unlock the link to download the client to anyone who has won a beta slot. We ask that closed beta users to please not spread the link to the client around (although anyone that didn't win a beta slot yet won't be able to login anyways, even if they have the client downloaded and installed).

Any expectations of a closed beta user?: Actually, yes. We ask that all closed beta users to use the Bug Bounty Program to report any bugs, glitches, or anomalies– please include screenshots if you can, and steps to reproduce the bug or glitch if you can. Successful reports can result in you receiving rare equipment. Please do not use the Bug Bounty Program to report any game hackers, instead, please use the Support Ticket System to report (once available, otherwise please email [email protected]).

Do closed beta users get anything special for participating?: Sure, why not? We will be giving out the Party Hat equipment to all closed beta testers– an item we will not give out again in any future events, or ever offer for sale.

I got banned! Will I still be able to contribute to the closed beta still when my ban is up?: This depends on the circumstances of your ban. If you were temporarily suspended, then yes, otherwise no, a permanent ban is just that– permanent. Permanently banned accounts will be removed from the database after 1 month has elapsed since the ban has occurred, so your username can be freed up for other users. You are welcome to sign back up with a new account, however you will have to restart with no equipment, gold, or experience.

When the game is fully open, will our accounts be wiped?: No!...and yes. We will not be wiping any accounts after the game is no longer in beta, so please do not fret that you will lose all your hard-earned progress– with that said, we will be resetting everyone's rank back to A Little Chick (click here).

That is all we have for now! Until the game has opened, please feel free to hang tight and chat with each other on the Free Board in the mean time.

The GunBound Retro Team
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