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Title : Coming Soon: Premium Membership
Date : 2022-11-10 Count : 740
Good evening Pilots!

We receive regular inquiries from users in regards to how they can help financially support the server, and this is the solution we are coming up with.

What you will get when you subscribe to Premium Membership:
- Special green checkmark overlay on your current rank in-game (example attached)
- Green username on the ranking page, as well as the freeboard on the main website, with a green checkmark.

What Premium Membership will NOT give you:
- There are no in-game benefits for Premium Members.
- There is no cash that will be given to players
- There is no bonus GP or Gold
- This does not prevent users from being banned for abusing in any way or shape– we will not be bribed
- The membership is aesthetics only

As promised, we want GunBound Retro to be free-to-play forever, and we will continue to uphold this promise. Premium Membership will only be an option for those who are feeling generous and would like to help us out and see success for the server– obviously, this server isn't free to host and does cost money, but we do appreciate any help we do get. Premium Membership is completely optional and does not affect or gain you any advantage in-game over other players whatsoever.

Premium Membership pricing to be determined at a future date, and will be available sometime in 2023, and only after we are no longer in beta.

Thank you!
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